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Created in 1896 in Menton, at the foot of the Saint-Michel Basilica, Huilerie Saint-Michel is a family business which has perpetuated for four generations a know-how and a requirement allowing it to offer today the best of olive oil. In 2005, our director Karim Djekhar took the reins of the oil mill after having been employed there since 1989. Since then, Huilerie Saint-Michel began working in collaboration with starred chefs to create olive oils flavored by maceration. Shortly after his arrival in Menton, chef Mauro Colagreco was the first to collaborate with us and to have confidence in our work. From this collaboration was born our first scented olive oil, Menton lemon olive oil.

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Our scented oils

Our perfumed oils come from the maceration of rigorously selected leaves, roots, fruits and flowers, in extra virgin olive oil, without any additives or preservatives. We use a process inherited from the enfleurage techniques used in the 19th century by perfumers from Grasse, allowing us to extract the subtle flavors of plants while preserving the richness of our olive oil. Our producers select for us the best varieties of plants, picked daily according to the seasons, in order to best preserve their taste and freshness, and thus release all their aromas.

Step 1

Harvesting fruits, flowers, leaves, roots.

Step 2

Cold maceration in extra virgin olive oil

Step 3

Observation, a crucial step for the good balance of flavors between the oil and the plant.

Step 4

Crushing the lemon to extract the juice and extract the bitter part of the fruit

Step 5

Bottling and labeling in our store in Menton

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Word from the boss

"Born in the heart of olive trees, as a child, sitting in the fields, I observed my grandparents and my aunts making olive oil, through contact with them I did my apprenticeship and they passed on their knowledge to me. love of our nourishing earth. It is my turn to pass on this passion of ours to you and share these unique creations and flavors with you through our oil mill and this website."

Karim Djekhar